DÉJÀ-VU creates fragments of Paris to take away, for the ones who live there or those who are just visiting. In our eastern Paris workshop, we design two collections : the Magot, a luxury handbag and a tribute to the Parisian bistrot chair, and the Souvenirs of Paris, a range of handmade fashion and home accessories exploring the ornaments of the French capital.

The Magot is a luxury handbag and a tribute to the cafés, the epicenter of the Parisian life. Manufactured in collaboration with a 120 year-old creator of Parisian bistro chairs, it is made by hand only upon request. 

The Souvenirs explore the multiples identities of Paris. Inspired by architectural and ornamental features of the city, this always evolving collection is also an exploration of french craft.

All our products are made with an obsession for quality and durability. They are all manufactured in France by outstanding craftsmen. Their making fairly pays the women and men that preserves these precious skills and workshop all over France.